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GPRS / GSM / IP / Voice

All Paradox control panels have been specifically built from the ground up to support the latest in communication technology, including GPRS, GSM, IP and voice. Whether it be uploading/downloading via GPRS, monitoring and controlling your system remotely through a PC, receiving system status and events by voice or text message, or reporting to the monitoring station via GSM or GPRS, all Paradox panels support various communication applications that heighten an installation's security.

Compatibility Chart

Module EVO48/192 MG Series SP Series E55 E65 WinLoad In-Field NEware
PCS200 V2.01
K641/K641R (V1.51)
K32LCD (V1.22)
K32LCD (V1.22)
V3.0 V2.10 V4.50 V2.20 V4.10
IP100 V1.50
IP reporting
K641/K641R (V1.50)
V3.30 V3.30
K32LCD (V1.20)
- - V4.00 via IP V2.10
via local V2.03
IP100 V1.00
e-mail / monitor
V1.00 V2.10 V2.10 V2.00 V2.04* V4.00 via IP V2.10
via local V2.03
VDMP3 V1.10 yes yes yes yes GSM only - - -
Patented Dialer yes yes yes yes - - - -
Please note that every instance of a version number represents that the feature is supported by the indicated version or a higher version.