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Paradox 460 Vertical View Motion Detector

Product #: 460-P2C

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  • Adjustable lens position (0° or 10°)

  • Selectable operational voltage (12Vdc or 24Vdc)

  • Adjustable alarm signal duration

  • Detects hand-sized objects for card access applications: 2m X 1.5m (7ft X 5ft)

  • Detects body-sized objects for security applications: 6m X 4.5m (20ft X 15ft)

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    Paradox NV75M 16M Indoor Triple Detector - Dual Mironel Optics, Anti-Mask with Pet Immunity - Relay Output

    Product #: NV75M-P2C

    16M Indoor Dual Mironel Optics, Anti-Mask, Pet Immune Detector - Relay Output - COMING SOON

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    Paradox NV75M Series indoor motion detectors provide superior detection with rock solid stability thanks to the revolutionary dual Mironel™ Mirror/Fresnel PIR optics combined with Paradox True Pet Immunity, and best-in-the-industry active anti-mask technology packed into a compact, rigid, uniquely styled design.


  • 16 meter Dual Mironel detector
  • Active IR Anti-Mask detection
  • Pet immunity
  • Dual/Single Edge operation
  • Mechanical activation Creep Zone
  • Dual Tamper (cover and wall)
  • Wall or corner-mount
  • Optional bracket

  • Clean Lens notice
  • EN 50131-2-2 Grade 3

  • EN50131 Grade 3

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