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DISCONTINUED - Paradox IP100 Internet Module - REPLACED BY THE IP150S-P2C

Product #: IP100-P2C


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  • Report control panel events via IP to the Paradox IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver

  • Control and monitor a control panel through an IP network (LAN/WAN/Internet)

  • Compatible with Spectra SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG5000/MG5050 (V2.10 or higher) and EVO control panels

  • Use NEware or WinLoad to access your system through the Internet

  • Receive notification of system alarms via email

  • Arm/disarm individual partitions via web browser

  • View live status of all zones and partitions (i.e. open/close, arm/disarm, troubles and alarms) via web browser

  • Upgrade the firmware of the IP100 using the IP Exploring Tools through the Internet (Requires log-in to access)

  • DNS service available for dynamic IP address

  • Supports SMTP and ESMTP (TLS/SSL not supported)

  • Very low bandwidth consumption

  • Data sent and received using 128-bit (MD5 and RC4) or 256-bit (AES) data encryption

  • Two-way dynamic authentication

  • Supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Slovakian.

    DISCONTINUED - Replaced by the IP150-P2C

    Paradox IP150+ Internet Module - SWAN SERVER ONLY

    Product #: IP150+-P2C

    Internet Module
    Supports SWAN Server

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  • Central station reporting via IPR512 or IPRS-7

  • Provides connectivity to Insite GOLD,BabyWare,NEware or InField to access your system through the internet

  • DHCP connectivity with no configuration

  • Remote firmware upgrades with a fail-safe mode

  • Sends notification and alarm system events via email

  • Internal diagnostic logs via Insite GOLD app

  • SSL support for sending secured email messages, via a secure sockets layer; a popular protocol for encrypting information over the internet

  • Easy installation: no screws needed, a built-in clip for mounting in a metal box

  • Compatible with EVO Series, Spectra SP Series, and MG5000, MG5050 and MG5075

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    Product #: UC300-P2C

    Universal Converter

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    The UC300 allows the Central Monitoring Station to receive Contact ID events and alarms from any security control panel into a Paradox IP receiver. The UC300 provides the link between non-Paradox security systems and Paradox communication devices, IP150 and PCS260/265/250/50G.

    UC300 converts Contact ID (CID) events generated by a security panel into Paradox proprietary protocol. Events are then forwarded to the monitoring station via IP150 and/or Paradox cellular radios.

    The UC300 enables end-users to self-monitor their secured location, by allowing receipt of instant, SSL-encrypted emails and SMS alerts from any location, once the system detects activity.

    Key Features

    Enables reporting of events/alarms from any security control panel to Paradox IPR512 or IPRS7 receivers via IP and cellular network (while connected to IP150 and/or Paradox Cellular Radios)
    Sends email notifications of system events/alarms (with IP150 connected) Sends SMS notifications of system events/alarms (with Paradox Cellular Radios
    Provides LED indications for dialer connectivity and power
    Easy installation - built-in clip for mounting on panel enclosure; no screws required


    Any security control panel that supports CID
    IP150 (V1.30 or higher)
    PCS250G (V2.10 or higher, GPRS only)
    BabyWare (V2.8 or higher)
    InField (V3.8 or higher)

    Operational Modes

    Serial The system's communication channels (PSTN, Internet and GPRS) function as backups to each other, including an option to select the serial sequence to suit individual user needs

    Events are reported via all available media (IP150 and Paradox Cellular Radios)

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